🔗 Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal feed and people freaked out

The new feed basically turns all posts into a single, giant Instagram story, complete with tapping to advance and a scrolling bar at the top to show you how far you’ve progressed. It’s certainly a jarring change for Instagram’s community, which has grown accustomed to the old feed.

I was one of those people who freaked out. The horizontal feed didn’t last long; the change has been reverted and Instagram’s head blamed it on a test that “went broader than anticipated.

Some observations:

The desire to create a more Story-like timeline leads me to believe that the amount of engagement Stories gets compared to Posts is overwhelming.

As pointed out by Jared Cowie, the new interaction to move through posts is the same interaction that’s been used to skip Stories. Perhaps that’s a big part of why it felt so immediately awkward to use.

I know everyone hates all new change, but boy did people hate this.

Drew Coffman @drewcoffman